What do you think of this Sienna/Tabac City and its leather?

  1. I can get this city from our local boutique. Keep in mind that I love even, smooth, thick leather and of course the Sienna color which will be a beautiful neutral imo.
    But I have seen Sienna-colored Bals which looked more like burnt brick (reddish brown) and less caramel-brown on tPF so I wanted to get your opinions on this... thank you :yes:

    PS. It almost looks like Cinnamon in this thread (great pics btw!!) http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/cafe-gh-day-vs-mogano-part-time-vs-161000.html
  2. I like it - I really prefer the browns with some red in them. It looks pretty similar to the color of my Sienna twiggy, I just think that Sienna is photographing with a lot more red than it is in reality.
    Isn't it the greatest brown?!

    sie 003.jpg
  3. Wow yours looks fabulous! Congrats! It seems more saturated and more red? How is the color irl? Does it have red in it? Thank you!
  4. I really don't see it as a red - perhaps a little rust.
    It matches the mahogany stain on the wood on my doors - does that help at all?
  5. Yes it does! I don't like "flat" browns so a bit of rust is great. Thanks!
  6. South of france, I like the smooth leather on your bag and yours doesn't show more red color. i love it
  7. I really love this color. I wonder if there's variations in color or if the lighting is making it look more red than brown. I'm just going to have to order the dang thing and see it IRL.

    South-of-france, is that a photo that the store sent you? have you seen the bag IRL? That photo has a lot less red in it compared to the other bags that I've seen here on tPF.

    I hope you girls don't mind me reposting your pics.

    south-of-france's city


    tooshies City



    starheaven's day


    alisonanna's twiggy



    Out of all of these photos, which would you say is the truest?
  8. i saw the sienna at balny and i think its definitely a brown with rust in it. the color is actually very pretty and different from the other browns ever made. i think the 1st pics (south-of-france) is pretty true to color. the one i saw at balny was a city and work size. hope that helps!!
  9. ali - your twiggy is such a gorgeous bag!!!!:drool:
  10. I really love that color, so personally, I would get it :smile:
  11. It's beautiful... love the even smooth thick leather.... I say go for it too!! :tup:
  12. Great help ladies! I'd prefer this color:

    Is this true to life also (due to color variations) or is my pic (more caramel-brown) accurate?
    I want this color, or else I think I might get steel. :confused1:
  13. well, this is like a mind bender, but I held my twiggy up to my monitor and I really think the color is close. The day bag above is pretty close too. Your photo of the city is not as close to the color of mine. Have you seen that bag in person, maybe it's just the camera? It is a lot smoother, but I wouldn't think that would change the color. That lighting looks more professional than my living room, maybe that's the difference.
  14. I think it's really pretty!
  15. Thanks for helping me out :flowers:!

    I haven't seen the bag in person, that's the problem, the boutique is 4 hours away... I really like the color of the day but not so much the flatter color of the city in the photo they sent me. The lighting in the city pic seems quite good so I'm led to believe it will look like this.

    I wonder if I should go with steel because I actually wanted a black or an aquamarine city before I saw this color. Aqua is sold out and steel seems more interesting than black. Argh! :blush: