What do you think of this seller?

  1. I was thinking of going down to the store to see what I can find. What doyou think? Any suggestions on how to find out if this is the real deal?

    Click here: Duty Free Apparel
  2. I went to this store a couple of years ago...many NYC fashionistas shopping away...prices are good but not rock bottom which, to me, is a good thing...they have been around in the garment center for quite some time and are still in businesss...I really think they sell authentic merchandise.
  3. great at least you've actually visited this place. The only bad thing is there are not returns. All sells are final but I guess it's cool because you get to touch and examine the merchandise. Thank you for your input.
  4. The prices there are probably only slightly less than retail. Some say they sell fakes, and some believe they're the real deal. I have seen their ad in the Lucky mag. Some friends did buy me a Gucci bag from there, and it did check out to be authentic.
  5. Yes, I really think they sell the real deal...a friend told me she saw Rod Stewart in there one day buying a slew of bags for his daughters. Insiders in the fashion industry (of which I am an ex-executive) all shop there...that is a great seal of approval.