What do you think of this ring?

  1. Hi Ladies!

    All this talk about buying your own jewellry ... makes me want to buy my own!
    My birthday is in March and I'm considering getting an aquamarine ring.

    What do you think about this ring??

    Blue ring.jpg
  2. very girlie and dainty looking, so if that is your style, I say go for it! Very pretty!
  3. Gosh, that is pretty! I love aquamarine.
  4. Gorgeous!! I have been considering purchasing a ring for myself as well and I'm leaning towards aquamarine. Do you mind if I ask where this one is from?
  5. I think it is quite pretty. I like the setting a lot.
  6. this is very cute, the setting is pretty unique
  7. Love it! Very pretty!
  8. I think it's beautiful!
  9. It's very pretty.
  10. very dainty!
  11. I love love love it!
  12. Its a beauty...shows off the stone nicely with that setting!!
  13. Very pretty, I really like it!
  14. Pretty!