what do you think of this ring?

  1. I saw the ring in this months issue od Town and Country. (not sure how the pic is going to turn out as I took the pic from the magazine) I really like the pink saphire/diamond one...just as a fun right hand ring once in awhile....what do you think?
  2. it'd be too much ring for me but i like the design a LOT. if it fits your lifestyle i say go for it. :smile:
  3. not my style I like something more elegant and classic this is fun but a bit flashy in a bad way for me
  4. I like the pink one also, its nice to wear once in a while with the right outfit.
  5. I actually love it! I wouldn't wear it all the time but I know it would look amazing with certain outfits! How much is it if you don't mind my asking?
  6. I like it too. But I like the green combination more -- typical of me!
  7. Same here :biggrin:
  8. i love the pink one it's totally me :love:

    and sunshine didn't u buy that bracelet i poasted awhile back?.....would look cute together :biggrin:
  9. I love the colors and the ring screams fun.
    My wardrobe consist of neutral color so accessorizing with fun, colorful jewelry is key. Go for it :smile:
  10. I like the Green Bling Better !!!
  11. Gorgeous ring in both colors!
  12. i'm luving the pink one..!
  13. JC I think it would look way OTT with the bracelet as its just too much color for me...(I will send you a pic when I get it!!! Im going to Chicago in a few weeks and I will pick it up then) Megs, I emailed the company that makes this ring asking for a price, they sell it at Neiman Marcus...I will let you know!
  14. beautiful! I like both colours
  15. those frings are gorgeous, lots of vibrant color.
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