What do you think of this purse??

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  1. Uh oh, I've got to agree w/ your friend.:push:
  2. I like it, but i can see how it might be seen as an "old lady"purse...
  3. I guess it can be a "mature" looking purse but I also think it can become one of those "classic" purses, too, in time. Maybe you can dress it up with a cute "youthful" ponytail scarf? I have this style in the Red Leather Embossed Signature but then I'm 38 (one of the "older" crowd). *lol*
  4. sorry, i should have said "mature" instead of "old lady" didn't mean to offend anyone
  5. I have to agree, I think it's the stitching...reminds me of a knitting bag... :biggrin:
  6. IMO, it looks like a "mature lady bag".
    Go with something a bit younger looking!
  7. I agree it looks like a "very mature" bag ;)
  8. i agree with your friend :shrugs:
  9. I agree with your friend too.. but if YOU love it that is all that matters. :yes:
  10. I am not at all fond of the black one.. but the white one looks pretty OK!
  11. Really? I think it's pretty. Esp. in the white...now in the black it looks "mature" but the white is pretty. You have to love it, and lets not forget, you're not old, so you could probably rock it!
  12. I like it but then again I am 31, not an "old lady" but certainly not in my 20's anymore.
  13. I agree with your friend :sad: Sorry! But, its what YOU like that matters!!!
  14. The white looks more chic.

    Maybe add a cute scarf to it! Make it your own!