What do you think of this purse?

  1. Hey, i'm new to the forum and i'm thinking about getting this bag and i would like to know what other ppl think. if i do get it, it would be my very first gucci bag! :yahoo:
  2. I have seen it in person and while I like the shape and size I think the handles are small for the bag IMO
  3. Welcome to TPF! I think the bag is really cute. Let us know if you decide to get it-
  4. I haven't seen this one in person but the picture looks nice!
  5. I think it's really cute!
  6. i have this bag and it holds a lot of stuff. very roomy and cute.
  7. Love it! On my wishlist :p ...
  8. I have this purse in black. It's a great everyday bag with tons of room.
  9. Hey same here, college student. I like it. I prefer the pelham because the bag is pretty much the same but the straps are wider, jmo, let us know!
  10. I totally agree.
  11. I have this bag in off white and i love it to bits...
  12. love it!
  13. dont know what its called, but i like the one with the braided straps and horsebit on the side a bit better! :smile:
  14. I really like the bag! I think it's modern, but will always be a classic.
  15. i really like that bag as well. and because it's such a classic gucci style, i think it's worth an "investment" even as a "poor college student"....hee hee..how better to reward yourself for all your hard work?