what do you think of this purple hogan or purple marni balloon bag

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  1. Marni bag is not coming up- but I know how it looks, I like the marni balloon bag better.
  2. Love that Hogan bag!!
  3. I love the Marni.
  4. I'd go for the Marni! Prefer the shape of the Marni over the Hogan....
  5. Marni! Love the shape and design, so unique.
  6. I like the Marni better.
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]marni please :P

    Marni makes amazing stuff and it won't go out of style and will always be collectable. Super useful bag that looks fantastic! Go for it!!
  9. I'm with the others- MARNI!
  10. I love the Marni!!!!
  11. Thanks guys...Marni was the option that i was more leaning towards, so i think it may just have to be that one....That's why i love this forum (makes thinking so much easier)
  12. another vote for marni! :tup:
  13. I prefer the Marni too.
  14. Hands down....MARNI!
    Luscious leather, great shape, unique.....it screams "I'm so fab"....:yahoo:
    Hogan....ho-humm! :P