What do you think of this prada? Get or not get? :)

  1. hi gals! just wanted to ask your opinions on this prada shopper! (it is on sale at 50% off) :smile: i love the color yellow and love the versatility of tha bag. However, i have already bought 3 bags during this sale season so i need some opinions haha! any thoughts would be welcome..:biggrin:

    i'm linking this japanese boutique site that i saw online, they also have the bag and couldn't have taken better pictures :smile: just roll over your mouse on the images to see. TIA!!!!

  2. I wasn't to impressed untill I saw the last three pictures, there it just looks so amazing. I think you should definitely get it, I love it.
  3. thanks icechick!!! keep 'em coming girls :smile:
  4. Oh- I saw this tote when I was in France last September.LOVE IT..I would so buy it if I were there!
  5. i like it, it's cute! :biggrin:
  6. my, my three pro votes already!!!! thanks girls! i think im gonna be broke soon hehe. hope more girls post their opinions! :smile:
  7. I like it! It looks very fashionable and functional. And 50% off is great.
  8. I really like it, its so pretty :heart:3 Get it!!
  9. another big YeEeEeEeEeEeeeEeEes here!! :yes:
    really i love it!! :love: but i got a bit worried about the handles.. as it will be hard to carry by hand all the time as a shopper.. yet when i saw the pic after attaching the cross strap.. it still looks as lovely!!:heart:
    go go go for it!! :flowers:
  10. Not my taste for Prada, but it depends on what mood you're wearing it with.
  11. I'm not a fan, personally. It just seems too busy for me. But then again, I'm pretty conservative in clothing so it could be that it'll be fabulous on you !
  12. Not my style but it is very striking.
  13. i have seen this prada bag with the red flowers. for 50%, it is a good buy considering that it comes with the long strap, you can use it as a sling bag or just hand carry bag.
  14. hmmmmmm, yellow? its oki...
  15. very cute I say yes