what do you think of this prada bag?

  1. so this beauty came today:

    and i am undecided as to keep it or not. also go the lv neverfull mm and wanted to use during snowy or rainy days. thought?! thanks!
  2. Here's my 'beater bag" for rainy days. Obviously I'd vote yes for yours. Prada is really making some nice nylon bags now. Or is it the style of the bag you wonder about?

  3. Ohhh, I was eyeing that bag too. I like it, think you will too.
  4. yeah i'm just undecided to keep this or the lv neverfull
  5. Ah you can always get the LV neverful later.
  6. I have seen too many girls wearing LV neverful on the streets. It makes me feel more special wearing prada purses. And you can always get LV neverful in the store..........but the price may go up in the future.
    p-psycho: Your nylon prada purse is lovely!!!
  7. Just wondering, how big is this bag?

    Can you wear this bag across your body?

    If you don't mind me asking, how much is it?

  8. Boy, is that ever the truth. When I go to Southpark Mall in Charlotte, it's a sea of LV and Coach mongrams everywhere. Prada is so much more special, IMHO.

    Thanks on the "beater bag" Tulip! I just love it!! :tender:
  9. the long shoulder strap can fit messenger style but it doesn't hang near the hip, around the waist. it was on sale at Neimans for 690.
  10. Loves It!
  11. ladies, i decided to keep this bag and return the lv. so glad that i don't have to think about it anymore. thanks all! have a great weekend!
  12. I think you made a great decision.
    Enjoy your great bag :smile:
  13. :dothewave:


    But then again we're sort of biased here. ;)
  14. Laksalala: LOVE it!! I say keep it..Prada nylons are GREAT for bad weather days and for when you don't want to use a good leather bag but still be stylish..I have black tessuto e/w gauffre and will NEVER give up that bag..It's indestructable!!!...!!!

    Prada Psycho..I LOVE yours too!! Shoot!!! Did I miss that thread? I just love the color!!! Where did you get that beauty?!?!??!
  15. I did have a thread on this baby, but I forgot what I called it. Something like "I finally found a beater bag." I got it in early December for a silly stupid price from Bluefly. I LOVE IT!!! :tender:

    Here's the thread: