What do you think of this pouchette?

  1. For some reason, I love little crossbody bags like this - great on vacation, going out etc, can't get enough of them - so I LOVE this but not sure I'm in love with the color combo.......


    What do you think? I'm trying to think of all my outfits & if it would clash.....
    I wish there were more color choices.
  2. i like it! i prefer it better in the navy blue/rose color combo though. i was considering getting this awhile back, but i can't even edit my stuff to fit into a lv accessories pouch much less this adorable little thing. you should get it. i think it would be nice to wear with your spring/summer outfits and a pair of cute flats.
  3. I would love the navy rose combo too! I think I'm getting it.....I know I'll use
  4. It's cute but it's too tiny for my use.