What do you think of this outfit?

  1. I love all the flowy tops everyone wears. They look so comfortable. I have a large chest though so they always make me look pregnant. I bought this top from H &M yesterday and it has loads of fabric so is heavier I guess and swishy so it doesn't stick out so much on the bottom as others but what do you think? I can't decide. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks.
  2. think it looks ok, but if you're worried about shapelessness maybe a belt would help? I think either brown or black would work great with the top.
  3. I just want to look cute and stylish and not look like Im trying to hard. Ah back in college I was good at this, putting outfits together and now I can't put something together to save my life.
  4. ^^^ I seem to be suffering from the same problem! When I had no money and minimal clothes I could always put things together well but I seem to have lost my fashion mojo.

    TBH I'm not loving that top on you, didn't they have one that was darker or brighter colours? It looks a little draining for your skintone
  5. I actually love the way this looks, depending on how you do your hair (up in a messy bun?)

    I wouldn't change the shape with a belt - maybe a long necklace or solid scarf?
  6. I agree with exquisite09!
    I like the way it looks and if you wore nice heels or something it would look a lot different as well.

    but I would definitely leave it the way it is!
  7. Thanks for all the advice. Everyone is making me feel much better about this top. I guess I really liked it because it showed my collar bone and it seems so carefree. I do agree w/ you MOOKS about the color but soon I will start the whole self tanning thing so I always have to take those things into consideration.
  8. I love loose blouse-y tops. I wish your was a tad bit shorter. You can get away with it though. It's all in how you style it. Wear a great pair of heels, long necklace, great handbag.
  9. Oh I think you look super cute! I wish we had an H&M close.
  10. I love it!
  11. I love the way the shirt looks on you. I agree that adding a necklace would complete the look.

    What shoes are you wearing with this outfit?
  12. Haven't decided on shoes yet. Maybe flats for running errands or some kitten heels if going to lunch or something. Any ideas?
  13. I think that you look great in it just as it is in your photo..you can dress it up or down..great with skinny jeans which you pull off since you have great legs..brown, black, dark denim, all look fantastic with that top.
  14. I would wear a belt..it needs to be fitted somewhere, whether it is under your chest or mid-waist.
  15. I also think it needs a belt to give it some shape.