what do you think of this outfit for xmas???

  1. i was thinking of wearing this dress for a family xmas eve dinner this monday.

    heres a pic of the dress and shoes:


    with black tights and
    black patent round toe pumps

  2. Very cute!
  3. Super cute!
  4. Beautiful dress! Love your choices.
  5. That is way cute !
  6. Great dress!!!
  7. Gorgeous dress!
  8. I love that dress. The back design is really nice..like a work of art. :yes:
  9. Very cute.
  10. Perfect!
  11. cute!
  12. It's adorable.
  13. Gorgeous dress!
  14. You put together a great outfit. Especially love the detail on the back of the dress!!
  15. i like it!!! very classy =)