what do you think of this one?


do you like this bag?

  1. yes it will be great for the holidays

  2. eh, you could do better.

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  1. and please be gentle if you don't like it. I just depression-bought it online at hayden harnett. thought it was festive looking for the holidays.

  2. i actually like it. with some nice jeans and sexy heels...it will look nice.
  3. I agree!:yes:
    Will look great for a fun night on the town!
  4. It's cute~ I love Hayden-Harnett's designs. I would be careful with it if you're Asian, though. I don't know if you are, but either way, go simple on the outfit.
  5. I agree that it would look great for the Holidays and for a night on the town.
  6. I like it and I love HH! I agree with being careful with the outfit though. Something simple would be best with some sexy heels and then let your beautiful self and that bag make the statement! Happy Holidays!
  7. Cute bag!!
  8. It's too flashy for me. Too much going on with the fabric and the belt. You can do better.
  9. I like it, but in a plain fabric.
  10. That bag is wild but in a good way. I'm sure you'll get a lot of compliments wearing it.
  11. I like it! It's different, funky and will look terrific with jeans or dressed up. Perfect for the holidays!
  12. I usually don't like flashy bags but I think this one really works. Like a lot of the others have said I think it would be perfect to dress up jeans and heels for a night out.
  13. Its cute. I really like H-H bags.
  14. It's cute actually ;)
  15. Gorgeous colour and pattern. :yes: