what do you think of this one?

  1. I think it's cute. It's a use-able size for me.
  2. (deleted because I put it in the wrong topic! ack!)
  3. it's a cute skinny. I think Nishi has one.
  4. Cute! If you like that in black or white leather, there are a ton in the outlets by me for around $24. But I think the signature's great too ;)
  5. I like it too. Go for it!
  6. so maybe instead of the other two rectangular mini skinnys, i should go for this one?
  7. sure
  8. Yeah, what are you going to do with two of them? You certainly can't carry them all at once. :P
    I like this quite a bit more than the traditional skinny.
  9. Very cute!
  10. I can't view it...it's sold out already!
  11. ^^^Darn it! I really wanted to see what it looked like...
  12. oh god:censor: it, i FINALLY DECIDE THE DAY THEY DECIDE NOT TO SELL THE GOLD ONE.. aint life grand?
  13. I'm sorry!!! That would be just my luck.

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  14. aarti, call Coach, they have some in stock at headquarters!