What do you think of this one?

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  1. I think...yuck! Looks like a crochet pattern just with leather.

    (picture, courtesy of bagsnob.com) (:shame: don't want to be accused of stealing pics)

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  2. Personally I think it would not suit me, however I think it could look really nice on someone else , but it is really expensive like $20,000 or something
  3. It's different looking. I would love to see more pics.
  4. Is this the bag that the BagSnob calls the "LV Barf Bucket".:lol: I think I have to agree.
  5. The original picture is from style.com ;)
  6. I love this bag!:love: Yes it $20,000. It was featured in Bazaar last month (I think it was last month).
  7. I can't remember which website called the Louis Vuitton barf bucket.. but that's about what I think of it too.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm not a fan of it, either.
  9. I like it! LOL! We are all SOOO different!

    I like it a lot, it's a little bohemian for LV, it's not something I'd buy/carry however.
  10. for $20,000 i'd rather have a car...its hideous
  11. It's not for me but I think it might suit girls in their teens (no offense to anyone, I am in my 30's).
  12. Phew...
  13. "Nope, don't like it" I could put the 20 grand to better use.
  14. Maybe one that has no taste, I'm 18 and I think that has to be one of the ugliest bags that I've ever seen!
  15. Not to offend anyone's taste....but that is the most hideous thing from LV I have ever seen....DANG!!! Personally, I think that because its LV.... people buy the bag... AND FOR 20,000??? That is just absurd. I would bust out laughing if the I went into the store and a SA told me that. I am pretty sure there are some bags that they sell that even then themselves would NEVER buy. And this very well may be one of them.