What do you think of this new wine handbag?

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  1. I just bought this handbag and I am not really sure the colors in the strap match. My husband says it does.. Please give me your thoughts (not too mean please..)

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  2. More pics:

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  3. Any feedback to make me not feel too bad that I picked out these colors myself would be a tremendous relief!
  4. i think its a very nice bag! congrats! it gives it a little contrast and pop. very lively bag! i like the style. the braided details are very pretty!

    sorry i keep editing. i keep having things to add! lol
  5. ^^ITA. &The size is superb.
  6. I really like the color and the bag is supercute, but I would prefer if the braided strap/(wich I love)would be in one solid color, in this case the beautiful bag. However, I don't think it looks wrong or anything. Good job!
  7. I really like the bag and think the strap looks good:balloon: Enjoy!
  8. I'm loving it! Isn't one of the colors in the strap the same as the body of the bag? That ties the colors of the bag and strap together.I really think the different shades in the strap make the bag interesting. Honestly.
  9. I don't think it looks wrong. The straps make it interesting

    I think you made a fine choice.

    You probably chose it with you heart and now your just checking with your head.
  10. all reds match! no worries there.
  11. How did you pick out the straps of this handbag, where did you get it?
  12. I think the bag is really very good looking! Great with jeans and other casual clothing!
  13. I think it looks great, it's a contrast but they go together and adds personality to the bag! :tup: Bottom line though is are you happy with it and if not can you return it?

  14. I think it's really interesting! The straps give it a nice contrast!
  15. Nice, it works IMHO