What do you think of this new one?

  1. My SA just sent to me. Kinda like it. IMG_1495864089.485204.jpg
  2. I like the use of the 2 canvases, very cool! Don't know about the strap though, looks quite short to me?
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  3. I'd love it in other colorways too.

    The shorter strap is appealing to me
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  4. I love the colours but the strap looks like it's too hard and will hurt your shoulder
  5. The strap doesnt look very comfy though...
  6. It is the Triangle Softy. I really like this bag : two for the price of one :smile: but I find it too expensive (1880 euros) for a non leather bag. The Melie is 1980 euros for an all leather bag.
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  7. It looks amazing, i really like it :smile: i want to have one like this
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  8. Triangle softy. I prefer the full leather version and especially that handle. What a super star bag :heart:.
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  9. I like this design ...have the same handle on my braided twist, which is removable...
    you could add a different strap.
  10. It reminds me of the the artsy bag.. but with a modern and contemporary twist to it. I like the black corners too. Such a edgy looking bag with the reverse canvas. I remember my hubby saying the handles look like curtain tie backs when he saw photos posted on here about up and coming bags. But to see it now Its actually alright the handles. The bag is gorgeous.
  11. Gorgeous!
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  12. Thanks all. I was not sure as agree a little pricey and not sure how they strap will look on my shoulder.
  13. I thought that was a great idea also - to add a longer strap to this bag, but I just did the Client Advisor "chat" on the LV website and was told the black strap is not removable, nor can I add an additional longer shoulder strap to this bag? Disappointing. Very cute bag!
  14. I didn't realise it was 2 prints until I saw this thread!

    This is the only photo of it on the UK site:
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  15. I had asked about this bag in another thread. Have you seen it in person? I haven't seen any info and my store didn't have it in when I was there....