What do you think of this new Fall paddington?

  1. thats Different, Not Sure How I Feel About It. I Would Probably Have To See It Irl!
  2. Oh My GOSH. MY sister and I were reviewing this very bag today and slotted it as a winner. It's big for sure but the weave and whiskey trim is to die for. Very slouchy and boheimiam. We liiiikkkkeeee.
  3. Not my cup of tea...aloharag.com has some fabric paddy's too, they are made in Romania...this says "made in Italy" but I still don't care for this look. :smile:
  4. I happen to like houndstooth and small plaid prints so I might consider this Chloe. Moreso if it was a black plaid!
  5. I will definitely have to see it in person but it does have me intrigued. I do like the whiskey trim.
  6. i like the original paddy better. sorry
  7. I like the jaquard paddy's, my favorite is the black color! Definatly a fun twist for the style.
  8. I really like the shape, but not keen on the tweed.
  9. Not for me!
  10. I guess it's more of an "affordable" option... but I still prefer the original. Those buckles on the handles look strange.
  11. no, not my style.
  12. No likey!!!
  13. It's different... can't decide if I like it. Guess I'd have to see in IRL.
  14. I think its quite possibly one of the ugliest bags I have seen in a good while from Chloe, and that includes the Edith lol ;)