What do you think of this new Cole Haan bag?

  1. Cole Haan is slowly adding some of their spring bags to their web site (www.colehaan.com). Here's one that caught my eye.


    And here it is in the pink:


    I love these bags--though they're pricey at $450 retail-- but I'm concerned they might be difficult to get into if that buckle on the front isn't a faux buckle with a snap. The bags do have a center zip closure.
  2. Love the pink.

    I would be shocked if that wasn't a magenetic strap with faux buckle.
  3. I love it in the pink, so cute for spring.
  4. I like some of their new bags as well, especially the pink color in the triple satchel.
  5. These look very cute!
  6. nope. don't care for either. kinda bleh. color and hardware are flat and unimaginative.
  7. love the pink! you just can't kill a cole haan bag!
  8. I'd wait for it to go on sale.
    Cole Haans seem to always end up pretty heavily discounted.
  9. Agreed, and I like Cole Haan bags. :s
  10. I love Cole Haan bags, but am not feeling this style!