What do you think of this new Coach hobo?

  1. Hi all! This is my first post:biggrin: Need some help with these bags:



    Has anyone seen either in person? Does the white stitching stand out too much? Are they worth the price tags? And is the XL hobo too big? (I'm 5'9 for reference) If you haven't seen them in person, post your thoughts anyway :smile: I am so indecisive so any persuasion one way or the other is welcome, lol. Thanks!!
  2. I haven't seen these IRL yet, but I kind of like it. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for these. I'm such a sucker for big bags!
  3. ehh, personally, i don't like the white stitching...they've done it on several bags and it just stands out TOO much.
  4. I saw both these styles in the store last night, but one was brown. The white stitching didn't seem any "whiter" than other contrast white-on-black stitched Coach bags I have. I think maybe it's a matter of personal taste whether you like that style, and you'd probably have to see it in person to be sure. That said, I've seen some tacky contrast stitching before, and these were very tasteful. Also, the XL hobo was pretty huge, but very skinny, so I wasn't sure if it would actually hold that much more than the regular one.
  5. I think it is exactly like the one they had before but larger. I just sold the smaller one and no, the white is not bright and is not "tacky" Here is the one I sold. Sometimes home photos are more "realistic" than the ones on the website. hope this helps
    black leather hobo low.jpg
  6. I am not into hobo style bags, but I like the brown one.
  7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I might hold out on the hobo until I can see it in person. Does anyone know if there will be more fall bags available later on and if so, around what date do they usually come out? :smile:
  8. same here
  9. I was in Coach today and tried both of these hobos on. I liked the xlarge size the best! I agree about the white threading it is hard to see and doesnt stand out as much as it does on the website
  10. i like the other hobos better personally, i too am not a fan of the stitching
  11. OOh-I like it a lot!