what do you think of this new bag?

  1. i think i am in love with it.. I saw a girl in the marc by marc store today wearing it in black its CUTE! i like it a lot. I wanted the marc by marc totally turnlock bag but now i dont think i do... i want this! look at the color! amazing!!!
  2. I like! The colour will be perfect for spring/summer - Whats the retail on this?
  3. It's not my style, but it's cute and funky! Plus, the color is cute and unique! Go for it Amers!
  4. Wow!! I really like it - especially the color you had pictured!!! :yes:
  5. thats my bag!!! haha, I JUST bought that bag in black and i love love love love it.. its definantely my favorite bag at the moment.
    Ive never seen that color before, but its really cute!
  6. Cute bag!
  7. I saw that yesterday at Bloomingdales!
  8. i have a turnlock teri in the same color- camo. It is a delicious shade of green! The color is a little darker irl than the pic that you posted.
  9. I love the shape! It's a good size, too ... not too small like most other barrel-shaped bags.
  10. i love the shape, not wowed by the color. would have to see it IRL
  11. Love the shape, LOVE the color!!!
  12. newaddiction can i see pictures of you with your bag? [please
  13. Hahaha--Just the opposite for me. Love the color but the shape isn't my cuppa tea. I'm really liking a lot of the MMJ bags; more than the regular MJ's.
  14. Sorry, I don't really like it.