What do you think of this new bag?

  1. So i saw this bag at Nordstroms and I'm really tempted. The lock is smaller, but it's still quite heavy. I like that it's a deviation from the original Paddys (so theres not any fakes out there) but still alludes to it. Do you ladies think it'll be worth the investment? (This will be my first chloe!! :smile:)

    Also comes in elephant. From what I can see, these two are the same bags, but i don't know why theres a $200 price difference. Also, the Elephant color picture looks very poorly photoshopped. Any ideas?
  2. I saw the hobo version at the weekend and it was glorious. A beautiful leather, and the chunky gold chain and the padlock hanging down really suits it :smile:
  3. I think that they are rather stylish and the smaller lock is appealing.
  4. I agree - and I like the smaller lock much better.
  5. its like a marc jacobs stam - chloe paddy mix.

    I like the bigger lock better :nuts:
  6. To be honest, I am not loving the chain or the tiny lock. I prefer the original Paddy look....to me this new one looks like the knockoff. I think it's nice enough, but knowing what the original paddy looked like - I just prefer that one.
  7. I saw this bag IRL last week, it is beautiful. I much prefer this over the larger lock, very stylish and classy.
  8. I saw it on bluefly