What do you think of this new bag? thoughts?

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  1. :yahoo: Made in Italy...buttery leather...really to me different I like...just want some thoughts...thinking of buying.

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  2. it's very feminine. personally for me, i stay away from white bags but i love hobos! i think the ruffle detailing might get outdated though.

  3. Hey, love it !

    My kind of bag.

    What is it ?
  4. I think its muratori ... I think that is right, but I will have to go and ask... its a newer designer. they have other colors in the store...I like the camel one they had... oh and it is petals not a ruffle... it gives that feel, but they are actually individual petals all handsewn... hhmmmm...still pondering... thanks!:P
  5. Can I buy it online ?

    I really like it.

    It is butter soft is it ?

    How much is it ? (Red faced I hope that wasn't a rude question !)
  6. It's gorgeous, but I know I'd kill it :shame:
  7. I am sure you can buy it online...I would just google the name to find it. I think it was in the 900.00 (i think...i was looking at two different bags...but I think this one was somewhere around there) ...they did have other colors though...I wouldn't personally get a cream, as my kids would "kill it" :smile:
  8. I like it but I'm not crazy about the rings on the strap. I would have preferred their being stitched on. It's a nice once in a while statement bag!
  9. I love it. Thanks for showing us. Let us know what you decide.
  10. Marmag, thanks for sharing! That's a lovely and very tempting handbag, but I'm on strict, STRICT ban. And thanks to An4, I learned a bit about its provenance.

  11. Very pretty!
  12. I think I am going to go for it. The handstitching doesn't show very well from my iphone:smile: but it is very similar to a miu miu handle...it is a baseball stitch...and I am obsessing over it, which means that I am going to go for it! I like having something original and that no one has...so this is my bag for spring:smile: yipppeee....I am very excited. Wish you all could feel it...butter butter!! The stitching is really pretty, I like to see the Italian craftsmanship...similar to a valentino their ruffle etc...stitched very similar to that...in fact almost identical...and the hardware...yum palladium:smile: can't ask for any better... YES! I am going to order this one!! (they only had cream, so I am ordering the camel one!...or maybe the red one...hmmmmm...ANOTHER decision..) yikes!
  13. I thought the exact same thing upon seeing it. But then I'm a strictly no-fuss kind of girl,so..
    That said, I love the creamy leather and the handstitched petals; as you say, they add a delicate Valentino vibe to a minimalist bag.
  14. don't you just love this place? :biggrin:
    I like your username! lolcats anyone?

    marmag - I'm really glad you found your S/S bag! how exciting! please post some modeling pics when you get the bag!
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