What do you think of this new Antigua Pochette?

  1. It is cream with navy stripes. Thinking of using it as a casual clutch with a wrist strap attached. It retails for $170. Thanks for your opinions :flowers:
  2. aww it says out of stock. =(

    I think I know what you are talking about...I am not a fan of antigua, but it would make a cute casual clutch...
  3. ^^Sorry blushingbaby...I just fixed the picture!
  4. I love it! It would be a perfect makeup bag or whatever inside my Azur speedy.

    Damn.....another thing to add to the list!:nuts:
  5. I like it! I am thinking of getting that and another antigua bag
  6. cute and great price.
  7. I think it is really cute!! I like the pattern in this much more than the bags.
  8. i agree-cute and great price!
  9. It's nothing 'special' IMO. I wouldn't pay 170 for it myself but trust me..if I really liked it..I would get it and happily pay for it. So if you like it...get it.
  10. It is very cute and has a very good price. I'd get it. :yes:
  11. I like it.
  12. i think it's sooo cute! but after the comment in the other thread about it looking like men's PJs, I never see it the same as I did before!
  13. That's funny! I didn't see the other thread...I'll have to do a search.
  14. Grrrr.... I had that in my cart. Somebody snatched it while I was checking out! I was too slow as usual.
  15. I love it in the other thread too! And it doesn't look like men's pj's. Would've look hot with my Azur.