What do you think of this necklace??

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  1. Any opinions on this necklace? I just think its cute to play with! lol!
    Its from fredflare.com.

  2. Very cute for a young person!
  3. agree, to young looking for me.
    maybe try to hang it on a keychain or purse.
  4. If it is for anyone over the age of 12 then :yucky: . Sorry that's just my honest opinion.

    I do think however as oceancity mentioned it would be okay as a keychain for someone a but older.
  5. I totally agree that it would be way too young for me to wear it as a necklace, so I definitely would put it on a keychain if I get it.

    Thanks for your opinions guys! :flowers:
  6. aw! it's cute! i'd like it as a keychain. i don't know how you could incorporate it as a necklace though. :s
  7. Here's the picture of the model wearing it as a necklace....

  8. Here's the smiley ghost necklace from fredflare...


    and model wearing it...
  9. A bit young looking, but still cute!
  10. They are adorable! Very unique. Perfect for younger gals.
  11. Yeah very cute for younger girls :biggrin:
    My 5 year old daughter just saw it and loved it :heart:
    going to check the site with her now ^^ thanks!
  12. ^

    I think the those necklaces would look precious on your daughter!

    I think they're cute...but I would wear 'em for a day and get sick of it. Lol!
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