What do you think of this necklace?

  1. I was just wondering what your thoughts/opinions are on this Betsey Johnson necklace. If you saw someone wearing this (during Halloween week, with a black wrap dress and heels) would you think it's weird? Is it too little kiddish? Too goth? Honest opinions please. TIA! :heart:

  2. I think I would like this better as a brooch versus a necklace.
  3. its cute...looks Halloweeney :smile:
  4. ^ That's what I thought too :yes:

    I'm going to a Halloween party that's "costume optional." Last time I went to one of those parties, I was decked out and NOBODY else wore a costume. Plus, my BF is flat out refusing to dress up. I still want to wear something festive though. I have a Michelle Mason dress similar to this one:

    and I was going to wear it with these shoes:
    and then the necklace if I buy it. They do have a brooch version of it, too. I thought about getting that and putting it in my hair.
  5. OMG!

    If you're aiming to freak out those of who are deathly afraid of spiders...mission accomplished! ROFL

    Spider jewelry freaks me out!!! :smile:
  6. LOL. Sorry :shame:

    I'm not really afraid of spiders, so that never occurred to me. I like snake jewelry too. I have a really dainty silver snake bracelet. I think it's cool, but people are always like "YIKES!" :lol:

    Thanks for the replies ladies!
  7. Eghad. I hate spiders, that necklace kind of creeps me out.
    But it's cute, though. Perfect for Halloween! Your snake bracelet sounds pretty.
  8. I have a serious arachnophobia... like panic attacks and all.
    I find it cute... but not for me!
  9. I love it! Especially during Halloween. I adore Betsey Johnson, very eclectic.
  10. I think it's really cute! It will be great for halloween.. the only suggestion is that I'd want to see more color in your outfit, it seems so black!
  11. I love it!!!!

    Especially if you put one in your hair...that would be neat!!!
  12. Its really scary!!! Maybe a bit too real looking???

    I would probably be the sort of person to think its real and have a mini heart attack at the thought of that crawling on your chest!!!!! LOL
  13. Perfect for Halloween, and I think you'll look just the right mix of fancy dress/dressed up for the party. :tup: Have fun!
  14. its cute for halloween
  15. Great for a Halloween party..