What do you think of this Miu Miu?

  1. I normally like my bags with outer pockets, but thanks to Justified, I just found a Miu Miu that I think I want. :graucho: Check out the size of this baby, it's almost like an overnight bag (I think that's my attraction to it). Really want all of your opinions: Should I take it or leave it? :tdown: or :tup:
  2. BTW - I'm almost positive that I've seen someone else mention mytheresa.com on this site before. But just want to make sure - are they legit? :confused1:
  3. bag looks gorgeous and big!!!!. I never heard of the website
  4. on the miu miu patent fabric clutch thread (at the openning page) 's comment Alexia wrote that website..that's how I learned website..this particular model is available at other sites I believe..such as NM has it

    little bit expensive but we know it's legit and you might find free shipping and other codes maybe for NM

    overall I think this is a nice model,I love all coffer-likes but it is too big..since you have few coffers this might be a different addition to you miu miu family...why don't you try it at your local NM
  5. Good idea :tup:
  6. I've seen the bag IRL, I like it very much because I am partial to big bags. It's so soft and really lovely.
  7. ooo! It's pretty! Do you care that it might not go over your shoulders? If not, it is definetly a lovely bag :heart: But gosh the shipping is quite steep.. :push:
  8. How cool, love the oversized look! looks so soft and comfy. :tup:
  9. YES, the are legit! :tup:

    oh, i really like the bag. :drool:
  10. I really like it.. the leather looks so smooshy! Yum!
  11. Wow'd I'd curl up with that bag and take a nap! gorgeous!
  12. i like the bag but not as much as the coffer personally.
  13. The only thing that bothers me is that there are no outer pockets. I have to have outer pockets since my cell phone rings constantly and I need quick access to it! :smile:
  14. if it has a inner pocket you might put your cell p. there..but still try it on IRL I would say