what do you think of this Michael Kors?

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    what do you all think of this Michael Kors bag? It's new on Zappos.
  2. It's nice. I don't usually go for bags that have studs on them, but the studs on this bag are fairly subtle. The leather looks yummy too.
  3. BagLadie,

    This is a very pretty bag. I wouldn't mind having that in black. I think you should get this bag.
  4. To me it's just okay.. nothing stands out to me *shrug*
  5. It's a nice bag...for some reason his bags do not stand out to me as much as others. I would definitely get it if it was on sale, at a huge discount.
  6. I :heart: MK!!! I have one of his Michael MK bags, the brown signature. However, I would rather buy his clothes instead of his handbags. Unlike several other of the spin off brands by the top designers, his pieces are priced from $50 to $200. I will spend lots on bags, but not clothing. I won't be the same size forever.
  7. It's nice, just a bit too generic for me. I love Michael Kors though, especially on Project Runway ;)
  8. cute bag!
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Nice, it just doesn't do anything for me.
  10. i think its def. cute but its a lot ,,,, i dunno if i would want to spend that much on it,, id rather spend that elsewhere i think but it is really cute :smile: so if you love it its totally worth it!
  11. Not bad... but nothing too special. IMO.
  12. Wow I like that bag ^^^ Thank you! I will look at it!
  13. Although I have a few Michael Kors bags, I have a hard time buying his things as I just don't like him...sorry to those of you who do! On Project Runway he comes across as so whiney!:crybaby: This bag seems really plain-I couldn't get into his Collegiate bags either.