What do you think of this Michael Kors bag?

  1. I'm not too crazy about this bag I don't like the drawstrings sticking out but white is the best it really makes the bag stand out and I like the chain detail and its a perfect color for spring/summer but its scary because its white I haven't got the courage to buy a white handbag yet prob. because I'm a very messy person so its not a good idea. Were you planning on buying the bag?
  2. yeah.
  3. I think that any Michael Kors bag exhibits great quality in their leather and hardware. The only thing I am having trouble with about this purse is all the metal against that white leather. I think that maybe after time and use, the metal will eventually rub against the leather and create rub marks.....and that would bother me a great deal.
  4. I like it.
  5. I just saw this bag at Nordstrom, last week.

    It is beautiful.

    I loved this bag before, but IRL ... gorgeous.

    I have a MK with heavy hardware and I don't think you would have a problem with it discoloring your bag. JMO.

    I would own it. oh and white for next season. yes.
  6. I love the collection, with the heavy chain link, I'm just personally not a fan of the drawstring. I do LOVE LOVE the hobo style though.
  7. I think so too. My friend had a white bbag and the way she stored it the hardware would touch the leather and over time it developed a green mark from it so I don't know how this is going to hold up in the long run.
  8. I think it's gorgeous, especially in white.
  9. [​IMG]

    I think it is nice...I wonder if it is heavy.
  10. I am not too crazy about it. Not really my style...does look kind of heavy too.
  11. I think it is a very cute bag. I prefer it in the nutmeg colour as white would get dirty too easily. What are the dimensions of the bag??
  12. Seen it in person and it's buttery soft and quite stunning. :yes:
  13. I love it!
  14. I love it - especialy in black - the silver hardware just pops :heart: