What do you think of this men wallet?

  1. I am thinking of getting my DH a new wallet for xmas. What do you girls think of this style? Do you have any other recommendations? Thanks :flowers:
  2. I got a black leather tri-fold wallet from the outlet for my DH for Christmas. I have a feeling he wouldn't be into the signature, so I went for as simple as I could find. Plus, a lot cheaper at outlet.
  3. Im thinking about getting this one for my fiance. I think it's a really nice wallet.
  4. I got my boyfriend a plan black one w/ "coach" imprinted small on the bottom a few years ago and he loves it. i think you have to be careful with the signature print. although thats a really nice wallet, would he like the c's?
  5. I went with my husband to the store one day to buy a bag and after that he was talking about this wallet! I agree with him, it is beautiful!
  6. As a man, I would say it depends on your husband's tastes. Some guys like intricate design and others only like stuff that looks flat as a pancake. Is he a rather stylish man, or is he rather conservative in his dress sense? If he's conservative in style he probably wont like this selection.