What do you think of this MbMJ style?

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  1. I checked MbMJ's website and saw the F/W 09 collection and one of them was this:


    What do you think of it?

    Yay or Nay?

    Personally, I don't really get the whole "birdie" look as seen on his other F/W 09 styles, but I quite like this style as I'm such a hobo-whore :P

    Also, which style do you like the most from his F/W 09 collection?

    Thanks a bunch!! :nuts:
  2. I'm quite the opposite, I'm in love with that birdie look :smile: I could care less about the actual shape LOL
  3. I'm with Joke - I love the dove bags! And I'm always a sucker for a hobo style bag. I'd like to see this one on, though, b/c some of the MbMJ hobos seem a bit overwhelming size-wise. Love the look of this one!!
  4. i love the look but like ash said, i would want to see this. that shape looks a little odd, but they could have stuffed it. hopefully it's more relaxed and hangs nicely :tup:
  5. This kind of reminds me of the Mevie Hobo, which I'm not too fond of.
    I think I would need to see it IRL to make a final decision though!
  6. love the doves, im unsure about the hobo shape. i would need to see it unstuffed and on someone...personally i prefer the bag with the two doves to this one
  7. i absolutely love it! this is my one must have for mbmj this season.
  8. I think it is very cute
  9. I love it! it's one of the bags from this season I l ike the most!
  10. I love it! I do think it is the kind of bag that with time will have a gorgeous slouch
  11. i feel like they stuffed it a little bit too much in that picture, but otherwise i love it!
  12. I loooooooooove the little birdie. That bag is great!
  13. This is one of the mbmj bags I am considering! I just love the dove. I totally agree I think they over stuffed it... that's why it looks so weird.
  14. Oh, I like the birdie too! Don't get me wrong :smile: What I mean is that I don't get what does it has anything to do with the MbMJ brand :biggrin: Anyway, forget it. I was just being silly ;)

    Me too! I am soooo drawn to hobos! And I dunno why :smile: It does look humongous, doesn't it? Let's just hope the size is right when it's finally released :biggrin:

    Yeah, I hope so too. I love all the buckles and gold hardware. Would make a perfect black bag if they have it ;)

    Hi Telicious! Yeah, I've seen that Mevie hobo too, and strangely I was never drawn to it even though I'm such a hobo-whore :biggrin:

    I thought it looked odd as a hobo. I have never seen a Mevie IRL, but all the modelling pics I saw weren't so flattering for the bag. I think maybe because it was so stuffed. I think it might actually be slouchy if you just put real stuff in it, like wallet, cell phone etc :shrugs:
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see a modelling pic too :smile: It does look gigantic in the pic.

    Hi Tadpolenyc, I quite like this one too! I hope they make a black one for this :biggrin:

    I think so too! It would make a great everyday bag, dun you think? :smile:

    Me too! I just thought I'd ask the PF members about this style, cause I'm actually loving it! :biggrin: