what do you think of this mbmj bag?

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  1. omg that's so cute!
    it looks quite small to me but it's out of stock :sad: sucks..
  2. It's cute! It's just too small for me. :sad:
  3. Not feeling it. It's ok. Small. There are lots of other MbyMJ bags I like a lot better.
  4. Not my favorite MBMJ, but everyone has their own style. Looks too small for me, but again, my bags might see huge to you!
  5. It looks small. That's a cute bag :smile:
  6. It's too small for my taste as well.
  7. I'm not a particular fan
  8. It's cute. Are you thinking of purchasing?
  9. yeah, there is one on ebay. i'm pretty sure i saw it in a dept store last year but i'm not sure. i liked mj bags, but i wasn't too into them so i didn't pay attention to the what it was called. it's alot for a small bag. i don't know if i should just get the dr q tote. i like both, but there is a huge size difference.
  10. i'd go for the tote. the size is more practical. the baby boxy is cute, but i don't see what you could fit it in aside from your cell, credit cards, money, and a chapstick.
  11. not my style.
  12. i decided against the boxy and the tote. i think i want a hillier hobo. now, i don't know if i want black or saddle.