What do you think of this marc jacobs?

  1. I have found a place whre i can get this bag, in green, for 500 dollars. Do you think I should do it? Do you think the quilted marc jacobs is getting too trendy? Or that the gold chain is too glitzy?
    Also, does this make sense for an every day bag or is something more casual and slouchy a better decision? HELP! Thanks.

  2. i can't see the picture..
  3. i think the quilted and the chain is sort of like signature of marc jacobs.. it's not too trendy or glitzy IMHO.. for $500, i think you should get it.. size-wise, it's great for everyday use.. but make sure it's authentic..

    do they have another one for me? ;)
  4. for me.. it's ok to get it...
  5. That bag is gorgeous!! I love it!! I love the shape of it...very nice. I don't think you can go wrong with a Quilted MJ bag.
  6. if you can get an authentic one for $500, you should jump at the opportunity before it disappears! even if you think it's too trendy, you'll quickly get over it once you start carrying it and falling in love with your bag!
  7. the teal alyona is gorgeous. if you can get it for $500, you should definitely go for it. that's a great price for that bag. i have it and while i don't use it that often, i still love it.
  8. I would say buy it if you love it, not just because of the sale tag.
    If you love this bag definitely get it!!!
  9. Did you get it??
  10. I have to wait until next week. It is at 60% off right now and will probably go down to 70 bc they have a few left. So, I have to wait until that happens. So, its not a certainty but the girls at the store think it will still be there.
    So, tadpole, you said that you dont use it that much. Why? IS it not comfortable? I really love it but I am afraid it will end up feeling to flashy. Am I being crazy?
  11. One more question. I hate buying things on sale because I am a truly awfully indecisive person and I like to be able to return things if I end up realizing it wasnt right or i get the MASSIVE GUILT attacks I am prone to with expensive purchases. :sad: So, what do you think the resale value is on eBay for a green Alyona. I am 100% positive it is authentic and I dont PLAN on selling it but I want to know that if I go for it and then change my mind I could sell it without losing money. Anyone know?
  12. One more question for anyone who owns it? Can you fit a regular letter sized notebook (8.5 X 11) in it? thanks.
  13. the only reason i'm not using it much lately is because i got a new mj bag. :blush: silly, i know, but new bag purchases tend to revert my behavior to little kid with a new toy. it's comfortable to carry, but it's a little on the heavy side. i carry it using the chain strap a lot and it's more comfortable than i thought it would be. i'll start using it more once the novelty wears off on my berry stam.

    i can't tell you how much an alyona would resale for on average because it really depends on how badly the buyer wants it. i've seen mj bags that i've always thought were popular go for $200 or less. other mj bags i've never even heard of sell for over $400. the bag is still new and it's gorgeous, so i would venture to guess that you'll at least get $400 meaning that at 70% off the retail price, you should at least break even.

    yes, you'll be able to fit a notebook in the middle compartment with no problem.
  14. Adorable bag in a great color, practical and elegant, and for $500 I would totally get it myself in a heartbeat! I would ask you to PM me with the info but I am already way over extended on bags this season so...I will resist! lol