What do you think of this Marc by Marc green bag?

  1. I think i am in LOVE with it. I saw a girl wearing a black one today and it was SOO CUTE! I keep seeing it and i really like it... At 1st i hated it because it looks like a duffle bag kinda.. what do you think?? i love the color thanks

    does anyone own this bag? can i see pics of you wearing it thanks
  2. I love that color!!
  3. I love the color too but not so bag with the style of the bag.
  4. I agree with Chloe.clementine, the color is beautiful but I'm not a fan of the bag.
  5. I like the bag but not the color
  6. Looks like "camo" color- pretty color IRL, but bag not doing it for me.
  7. Did I write my comment half awake? It almost didn't make any sense, haha

    I meant I liked the color but not so much with the style of the bag. Wow!
  8. Gorgeous color but don't quite like the style!!
  9. hi, what is the name of this bag??