What do you think of this M by MJ wallet?

  1. MJ Wallet

    There is a 10% off code and I have a $25 giftcard...would end up being about $150 including taxes and shipping.

  2. I love it!
  3. I think it's cute. I love the turnlock line. Do you have pictures of the inside?
  4. Ohhh thank you Emoem! I like it even more now!
  5. VERY cute! I have an mj wallet and I love it! It means you can have Marc with you at all times - even when you are carrying some other bag...
  6. Love it and a great deal. The totally turnlock clutch is totally awesome!
  7. It's not something that I would buy, but I think that if you love it, you should buy it.
  8. I like it! I love the turnlock line and this wallet is no exception
  9. thats a great deal, and I really liek it.. its sophisticated! i say go for it. haha!
  10. I cant see it but in the small pict it looks adorable!
  11. it looks adorable! get it if you love it! :yes: