What do you think of this look ? Can a 42yrs old pull it off ?

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  1. I came across this and really like the ensemble but I fear I might not be able to pull it off , I wear a size 4-6 might and I am 172cm I think that converts to 5.64.
    What do you think...too much or ?

  2. runway looks don't always work on us real world people. I like the jacket/sweater and the belt, but not so much for the boots. Perhaps knee high instead
  3. I say....OH HECK YES! :woohoo:

    Love it. monochromatic. good proportions.

    I cant tell if those boots are patent of not. I would prefer NON PATENT/regular leather boots or leather skinnys and pumps. I think patent leather boots might be a little OTT for me.

    Love this look though. A Lot.
  4. I say no way.
  5. I say yes to the sweater - no to the boots... kneehighs would look beter
  6. I say yes. Perhaps not with patent leather boots, but with a pair of normal knee high black riding boots this look is for all ages. Is this a Balenciaga runway? If not what designer?
  7. I agree with the above, yes to the sweater but no to the patent thigh highs.
    I agree that over the knee boots will work better
  8. I love it, up to the patent thigh high boots, on any age as long as you have the body for it--the look is pretty simple imo--and in black as well

    4-6 for that height sounds relatively fit--
  9. I say yes but do think the boots should NOT be patent. And I think an OTK boot would be MUCH more wearable.

    Having said this, it also depends on where you live and your lifestyle.
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    I agree(I'm 45)...love the look but would change the boots out for something OTK and NOT patent.
  11. I don't think age has anything to do with the look...I say yes.
  12. ^exactly
    I've met some forty year olds that can pass for late twenties/early thirties..

    I also think while leather works, patent gives it that extra zing--
  13. Yes on you Catcat! You look absolutely fabulous. I do think boots are a bit much though
  14. Thanks for your comments sounds really encouraging. I think I will give it a shot.
    But as most of you advised I will go with simple overknees, I already have flat ones and will get heels.
    The ptent looks edgy but I think if I get a pair of the shine skinnies from acne I should be fine... I also have crackeled Patent knee boots from Prada that if I feel really daring might work out.

    lily25 For your info it's Burberry Prorsum, I like their stuff more and more
  15. I like your interpretation, you can't go wrong with ACNE leggings imho.

    I'm shocked! Burberry? I 'd never guess.