What do you think of this Lancel?

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  1. I may buy this for summer, any opinions? It has really soft leather and is 490 euros.
  2. Ohhh I like it! Looks like a great summer bag!:tup:
  3. Love the color combination and the soft leather but not too sure of the tassels on the side. Are they meant to hang like that or tie up?
  4. Very nice, I think Lancel does some nice bags.
  5. Looks like a nice bag for the summer!
  6. Not my style, but the colors are good for Spring.
  7. i like it
  8. Ah, had a Lancel bag once, some several years bag and was disappointed with the quality, but maybe that has changed. I know the luggage is well made.
  9. Good spring colors, but I personally don't love it. I you like it though, then go for it! You're the one that matters.
  10. I love this bag! I saw the same style in other colours in Galeries Lafayette in Nice. It was about 600 euros & I was so tempted! The leather was lovely & it's just a brilliant shape.
    I'm back in Nice next month & I'm still thinking about getting one.
  11. I was tempted to buy the same model (or a very similar one) in red, from the winter collection, but eventually I decided against it, because there is a bit too much going on (the pocket, the charm, the tassels, the big stitching... It looks better in white, though...
  12. not my cup of tea