What do you think of this Kooba bag? Does it look "cheap"?

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm buying a gift for my (very trendy) second cousin--I found the perfect clutch for her from Shopbop (on sale!) I thought it was perfect for her--a little rocker, but still very "quality"-after all, it's by Kooba.

    Then I took a second look and realized that it looks a little "trendy cheap"--like one of those bags from a "trend-conscious" retailer like Forever 21 or Target. You know, one of those bags that is "trendy on a budget"...so now I'm having second thoughts.

    Your thoughts?

    The bag (I think both colors look equally good (or bad)):
  2. Oh my gosh! Everyone, I'm so sorry--I was thinking about "Lauren Merkin" so when I checked the "Designers" section, I checked for LM instead of Kooba--and saw that it wasn't there, so I started a new thread....I'm so out of it! Is there a way to move this?
  3. Iris: totally agree with you on the "faux" patent leather....that just shouts "I am $20!" to me...and you're right about the lining--and the fact that most people won't see that!
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    If you want to stay within that price range but then still get real patent leather, try Goldenbleu (www.goldenbleu.com). They're having a huge sale right now and many of the clutches are $49-$79 and lots of them come in patent. They're pretty sizeable and the patent is quite soft (versus stiff plasticky). There are a lot of photos of each design in the Goldenbleu thread. The Tiffany is a classic. Some of the clutches are lined in suede and some are lined in canvas (seems to depend on color?). Ask the GB girls to see which one is what if that's a concern for you.

    The amethyst patent is strangely back in stock (and it's a gorgeous dark purple patent) and I think that might be a nice alternative.
  5. It's just meh. I don't think I like the zippers.
  6. Emma: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the links, dear! I'm seriously considering some of their bags...and the amethyst is gorgeous!

    Gwendolen: At first, the zippers were part of why I liked it--they have that "cool-rocker" vibe...but then I realized that the zippers kind of look...well..."meh" (as you put it)
  7. I looovee that Gustto clutch IrisCole posted, it totally has that rocker vibe while still looking expensive and quality.

    The Kooba you posted does look F21 cheap.
  8. hmm kooba to me is more for its carrier. meaning their leather is TDF and only the person carrying it will know. kooba isnt a huge logo hog. not many people know the kooba brand so this may not be good for your trendy cousin =)
  9. Tehkatt: I (personally) like the Gustto, but I'm not sure she'd like the buckle....

    KoobaMe: Oh my goodness! NYLON COSMETICS CASE!?!?! Thank you God I didn't purchase that for my cousin--I would've been absolutely mortified if she happened to log onto Kooba's website and found that it was a NYLON (not "faux patent") COSMETIC CASE (not cute clutch!!!)...thank you so much KoobaMe!

    Sinnie: Yes, I totally agree with you; and thanks for that tip about Kooba's leather--I've never bought Kooba before....whoops, my bad, when I said my cousin was trendy I meant she's always dressed very chic--in quality (read: designer) clothing, no less...
  10. ^^ It's so funny this came up when it did. I just ordered one in Ice Blue from Kooba (my first purchase from their website in almost a year!) for a 'toss in' bag for my larger purses. Something to stuff my little bits in so I don't have to dig for them. :yes:
  11. peppamint.. if you ever get a chance go feel up a leather kooba. i fell in love with the butter soft leather on a bag called a carly its more of a slouchy bag. i have been confirmed that the metallic leathers are even more softer due to their conditioning..
  12. In case anyone was interested in what this little cosmetics case really looks like, here's a pic. The color looks black with the flash but it's really a grey/blue...almost a gunmetal looking color. It's completely made of nylon. I put a small letter envelope next to it for scale. While just a little nylon case, the back still has a tiny lil Kooba plaque (not shown).
    Kooba case 1.jpg Kooba case 2.jpg
  13. Sinnie: yeah, I'd love to check out a Kooba in person (that is, when I have the time....)

    KoobaMe: Totally agree. If I was buying this for myself, I'd use it as a "baby bag" for my everyday purse...the two diagonal zippers on the front (if they are functional) seem pretty practical as smaller compartments...