what do you think of this kerala luggage style

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. prefer the brown over black, but am not crazy about the straps.
  3. I have seen these two bags in the store last week. Here is my 2 cents:

    1.The leather on the major body part of this bag is soft. While it is easily get scratched.
    2. The straps and the tab are made of stiff buffalo leather which is more easily get scratch. I even saw some on the bag displayed there already. Compare to this, Paddy's leather smells better and very durable...:biggrin:
  4. They're so cute though ! I love the equestrian themed hardware !
  5. I don't like this style of Kerala because it looks too unstructured along the bottom :/

    Also, it smells different from the Paddy. Has anyone else noticed that?
  6. I like!
  7. I like it! Especially the Whiskey color.
  8. Have to agree with conseco31 and chloe_concord, I like the hardware, but don't care for the straps. But I like the black and silver combo best of the two. Which one are you lusting after?
  9. I agree with the others about the straps. They are kind of plain. I really like the bag and the hardware. Esp the Whiskey.
  10. I love how the bag looks sitting on the shelf. But once I tried it out, I didn't like it. It's too slouchy to sit well on the arm and the straps didn't quite work on my shoulder. So it's a no for me.
  11. I like them a lot actually - I think they are goat and buffalo leather whereas the paddy is calf leather. In fact the Silverado and paddy styles are becoming my least favorite Chloe bags - I am very infatuated with some of the Betty styles right now too.

    The gladys bowler is using goat leather and it does not scratch easily and gets more soft and supple with use.
  12. Can anyone who owns this bag post a pic of themselves carrying it? I'm curious to see what it looks like on the arm.