What do you think of this Kate Spade Bag?

  1. There's a gold one shaped like this that's really cute but this one...
  2. I like the shape of this bag but am not a fan of the green. The other 3 colors are much cuter. :yes:
  3. Yuck. Sorry.
  4. I like the shape a lot, but the colors are... not for me...
  5. The shape is quite nice, but I really dont like the green.
  6. Have to agree about the green, but then everyone suits different colours :biggrin:
  7. I agree on the green - Nordstrom had the charcoal gray bag and the color looked nice.
  8. the shape is really good !!!
  9. It's made of wool felt. I'd be afraid if it got wet.
  10. I like the green!
  11. Love the color, design, everything!!! But you know that wool felt is gonna look like crap in no time, right?
  12. I am with everyone about the green, not really the best color. It is a cute shape though, but as I always say...

    If you like it go for it... :smile:
  13. I like the shape, but like the other posters, I am unsure about the felt. Have you seen the leather version (I recall seeing a leather version at my local Nordstrom). It might be more durable.
  14. I have been thinking about this purse also. Not in green but the purse also comes in a patent I believe.