What do you think of this Juicy Couture Bag?

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  1. I'm not normally into Juicy Couture but I've been in the market for a black leather bag with very soft, buttery leather. I came across this bag while browsing around and not only did I like the price $185, but for a Juicy I thought it looked nice. The only problem is it's on pre-order which is fine, but it has no measurements so I have no idea how big it is, though it is called a Kelly Leather Shoulder Bag, so I'm guessing it's big enough to put on the shoulder.....

    So, what do you all think of this bag? I'm normally a LV girl, but I'm liking this price and the thought of having a soft black leather bag to carry around when the weather is bad.

  2. It looks like a nice bag, do you know what it looks like inside? The only thing that is not so much my style is the big piece of gold hardware, but that is just me.

    But you are right, the price is great!

  3. The only picture is this picture which you can zoom in and out of, but no inside picture. The hardware does kind of bother me. I bet it would dive me crazy and I bet it's heavy. I wonder if the lock can be taken off....