What do you think of this Handbag?

  1. ehhh...someone asked about this one last week, too.

    i'm not personally a fan of it. that's a lot of suede...

  2. I thought it looked "soft and super comfortable" to wear--but I like Suede purses.
  3. oh yeah. it's totally a slouchy and comfy type of bag. sort of like how the carly is.

    and i like suede too- until i ruin them. then i remember why i don't have any, lol.
  4. If you like it, that is the only thing that matters. I believe this is an outlet only bag so far. The one listed is real.

    Go for it! It is fun and colorful!
  5. 0___0 i dont like it
  6. I seen it at TJMaxx last week. They are not that cheap there unless they discount them more.
  7. I love the poppy, only with the light pink you will have to be extra careful to keep it from getting dirty, I have the dark brown suede poppy tote and I love it but I don't have to worry so much with dirt.

    It's a cutie
  8. Cute but I would so ruin that bag. :sad: