What do you think of this haircut?

  1. saksfifthavenue.com

    I know it's hard to see but if you click through the next few pages, it's the same girl with the same haircut.

    Can someone honestly have those bangs and wear regular black glasses without looking too overwhelmed?

    Thanks so much!


  2. That is so hot!!!! If my hair was straight I would totally get bangs like that. I love it and I love huge glasses.
  3. it looks okay.
  4. I had my hair cut like that three years ago and it looked fantastic! Too bad my hair grows like a weed (about 1.5 inches every month) so it was hard to maintain the bangs/layers.
  5. If I had straight hair I'd do it.
  6. Lol! :lol:
  7. If you wore normal black glasses, would the look be too "severe"? (Hate wearing contacts during the day.)
  8. i think its VERY hot.. honeslty very very nice
  9. so cute!!
  10. Very glamourous!
  11. I love that hairstyle and was thinking of doing it myself (love the glasses too):love:
  12. i like it, it would look cool with glasses. but your forehead has to be high enough (i had a lightbulb moment when my hairdresser was thinking out loud about giving me straight bangs and said "aah no, your forehead is a bit too small and they'd have to be really short and you'd have to cut them all the time"). i look awful with long hair so it'd look weird on me but if you like long hair go for it!
  13. Love the look!
  14. I had my hair cut like that in the spring, but bangs for me are too high maintenance because I have wavy hair; I also occasionally wear thick, black squarish-framed glasses (prada). The glasses, with the hair, were too much. If your hair is naturally straight, I say go for it, because I do like the look.
  15. I think it's the perfect combination - love it!