What do you think of this HAC configuration?

  1. I may have an opportunity to get a 32 Rouge H HAC in Box Calf. What do you think?

    I know the usual concerns about the HAC are its "tallness" and the shorter handles. I am fairly tall (5'10") and I don't mind shorter handles.

    Maybe I should wait for a 35 Birkin to come along.... I am very confused.
  2. I think only you can decide on the HAC or the birkin 35. If you truly love the 35 birkin shape more, then you probably won't be happy til you have one.... But I am personally so in love with rouge H in box that I would get this bag anyway. :graucho:
  3. jasperella, the HAC 32 is a fabulous size and shape. It gives you a little more than the 30, but with less bulk than the Birkin 35.

    As for the handles, my hands and arms are fairly slender and I never notice the shorter handles until I see the bag on my arm. ( I have an HAC 32 )

    Compared to the 30, the 32 is just different enough to make it very desirable.
  4. No way would I turn it down, love Rouge H in Box Leather. HAC is a great size, wish I had one.
  5. I wouldn't turn it down. I have a 35cm and I don't take it as much as I would if it was say a 32 HAC. (I'm also tall...5'7")
  6. It's a great bag and the 32cm would look killer on you.......BUT.....you WILL still want the 35cm Birkin. LOL!!!! They're just two different bags, KWIM?
  7. I LOVE the HAC because it's tall! I think it looks much better (on my frame - 5'8" over here!) than a 35 cm Birkin. I'd say GO FOF IT!!!:yahoo:And in Rouge Box Calf :drool: you can't go wrong.:graucho:
  8. Wow, isn't rouge box really rare?

    The HAC has a visually slimming effect on most wearers because of the way its silhouette draws the eye up and down, instead of side to side.
  9. i love the shape of the HAC, the "tallness" of the bag gives it a more elegant silhouette IMO, compared to the birkin (not that birkins aren't elegant lol!)

    and rouge H box!!! :drool:
  10. Just just got one with PHW, Jasperella, and absolutely love it! Here's a photo:


  11. i have been staring at my rouge garance 32HAC with PHW for a few days now----told my SA I was returning it but I am having trouble doing so. The HAC has its "issues"--but those issues make it special. Not so cutesy dolllike as the 30 which I have a love btw.....now so oblong and satchel like as the 35 which looks like a suitcase on me. I am tallish and think and I think the HAC looks suprememly elegant more so than the birkins which have a more tote-y casual (and yes awesome) look. The shorter handles look much more elegant b/c there is less air space and the bag doesnt dangle around so loosely (also an awesome look but different)--it can be a bit less comfortable but a tote is a tote...
  12. ITA with shopmom. I love 35cm Birkins, too, and don't see this as an either/or situation.
  13. ^^Jasper - this is why I said you may prefer to wait for the 35.......man, it's gonna be a hard decision for you, today!!

    Best of Luck!!
  14. Thank you everyone!!! As GF said, it's going to be tough. Sometimes I wish I didn't get myself into these situations!!
  15. I personally wouldn't be able to resist- Rouge H in box is just so gorgeous!