What do you think of this Gustto?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been eyeing this Gustto bag for awhile, but I'm not sure if I should get it. The first picture (petrol color) makes it look really cute and compact, but in the second picture (rust color), it looks really big and oblong (like a giant egg). Has anyone seen this bag in person? Which picture is closer to what it actually looks like? And what do you guys think of the bag...yay or nay? Thanks in advance :smile:
    Campitelli_1.jpg Campitelli_2.jpg
  2. Honestly... I thought its kind of odd - that it has a tiny purse attached to it... definitely not a bag I would want to get for full price...

    I tried it on before - I just thought it looks really.. weird... hard to describe if you ask me!
    I don't understand this bag.. The clutch is too small on it's own, attached to a bag that I find to be way too big.... (and I am a big bag person) - but I must say I like the way the bag slouches on me... so it does have its perks.

    I got to try it on when I went to NYC earlier - and it just dosen't feel right - especially if you look at yourself on the side... it feels like you have a tumor (the mini clutch) sticking out the side of you - but then there is tissue paper stuffed in that pouch....

    I would personally wait for it to go to the sale rack - but that's just me.... I have to say the leather is gorgeous as with all Gusttos - but for that price I can get something twice as nice if you ask me...

    But if it goes with your stuff and you like its quirkiness.. then go for it!
  3. I agree...I don't like the little purse either, but it's removable and I would definately get rid of the little purse right way if I were to buy this bag. I'm not a big fan of paying retail either (I still have the 30% off code for revolve that I could use if I decide to get it)...just wondering what you guys thought
  4. Check out the Baca by Gustto. I just started wearing mine and I am happy with it. I also like that noone knows what it is..... That's my favorite part.
  5. Hmmm, I'm not crazy about the little dangling coin purse. It's a little fussy looking - I don't think it matches the feel of the bigger purse.
  6. I'm sorry -- I think it is just awful. Ugly. Sorry. You asked, I answered.
  7. I like it, but not the little dangling purse thingy on it:yes:
  8. the purse just hangs way too long and it is too small. I like the style of the bag though.
  9. Personally I think there are other Gusttos that are far more attractive. That is a bag you simply must see in person first to know for sure.