what do you think of this gucci? :)

  1. Hi girls! i am about to buy the gold guccissima hobo but thought i'd ask for for opinions first :smile:

    its this bag (at 40% off) : http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shot...AA62G_2674.asp

    IRL, its more of a bronze-y gold. :smile:
  2. the link isnt working, if you can print screen and save it then load it that'll help :biggrin:
  3. It's ok. I'm not in love with it though.
  4. the linie doesn't work for me sorry~
  5. I really like that bag. It's very unique. I'd definitely get it. It's a beauty!
  6. I like it too.
  7. here are the pics gals! i do hope i get more responses!!! :smile:


  8. Lovely bag!! I'm more a black bag person so if that bag came in black I'd definitely buy it.
  9. That's a beautiful bag. :yes:
  10. I love the color, love the size. I'm usually not a huge fan of gucci but this one is beautiful.
  11. okay, im getting it! turns out that luxe rich metallic tones are going hot this season again hehe..

    it really is a showstopper and i couldn't help myself :smile: now the only thing i need are shoesies to match.. hahahaha!
  12. eye-catching bag......congrats!
  13. thanks everyone! i'm waiting for it to arrive!!!! soooo excited!!!