what do you think of this gryson bag?

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  1. I have that bag in white, but with tan straps. I love it! The leather is really thick and sturdy and the style is so unusual. I am in Tokyo this week on vacation, and this is the bag I chose to bring with me - it can get a bit heavy, but I think it is a great bag!
  2. Thats a gorgeous white bag! I say go for it, the price is great too.
  3. I own the Skye in black (which is smaller) and the Tate in Camel/Brown which is shaped more like a tote. I love these bags and always get loads of compliments on them. The leather is unbelievably thick and durable and the interior is suede which does make them on the heavier side but I don't mind.
  4. Very cute! :tup: And at an awesome price! Go for it!
  5. Great bag, like others have said, the leather is really thick and luscious, go for it!
  6. Beautiful bag my only hesitation is how to keep it clean.
  7. The bag is gorgeous and the price is unreal....go for it!
  8. I have that bag in Twilight and it is a quality made bag. The price is to good to let pass by.
  9. I have an Olivia in brown and it's very functional...good everyday bag. For me, ivory wouldn't be an everyday color unless I got it for very cheap. But this is a good price for an Olivia so if you're not worried about trashing it due to the light color, it's a great bag.
  10. very very cute!
  11. i say go for it too. they break in amazingly (especially for the thickness). there is the fabric ones (i think from holiday) that come in white that might be easier to keep clean if that's a concern for you.
  12. it's lovely!! get it
  13. I like it! Theres going to be a similar one in nylon (great for cleaning when it comes to white) in their For Target collection, I might have to snatch that one up.