what do you think of this for a summer bag?

  1. jaeger bag.jpg :love:

    I hope this works I have no idea how to do the picture thing arghh!:shame:

    Anyway have seen it in real life and the color is chalky instead of the bright white it looks and it is very well made. Its got a lovely feel and the leather seems good too.
  2. Cute shape! I don't believe I've heard of this brand though. But if you've see it in person and it feels and looks nice, go for it. How much?
  3. I think this would be a really cute bag in the summer. It doesn't look like it's trying too hard.
  4. It's REALLY cute. I'd love to know more about it.
  5. awww...it's adorable...I love it!!!:drinkup:
  6. I love it too. Where is it from?
  7. Hey, that's a really cute bag! Nice choice for the summer.
  8. [​IMG]Here is another great bag they have. It's $299 pounds-I have no idea what that is in US dollars-sorry!:rolleyes: Wait it's $587.
  9. I like it, too. Not too busy, just right.
  10. I like :yes: Love the shape.
  11. it's very cute! i say go for it. i love white bags.
  12. i think it's cute. i really like it.
  13. I really like the second one alot :smile:
  14. I think that's nice, it reminds me of the Mulberry Phoebe a little