What do you think of this Ferragamo bag?

  1. I want somthing that is simple and classic but not stodgy (and not something that everyone is wearing). I love the Marisa bag, but I think the dimensions of this bag will be more flattering for me. The store is holding for me in both black and olive (leaning toward the olive).

    Salvatore Ferragamo*-* Vittoria Tall Satchel*-* Neiman Marcus

  2. I saw this at Neimans last week!!! so nice the sholder strap is long enough to be comfortable and it looks great. buy it!!
  3. I have no idea. I'm not a fan of Ferragamo. Anyway, nice color.
  4. I love it!
  5. Great bag! Definitely go with the olive, it will stand out more and really shows off the shape of the bag. I think the black one is a little too boring. I think this green will be great for spring, but also blend in nicely with warm fall colors. Good luck with your decision...great choice though...you should stick with it!
  6. I like Ferragamo a lot... esp their signature clasp thing. I definitely say get it!
  7. It's nice, I like it.
  8. ooh i like that. it's retro, but elegant
  9. I like it :yes: but I prefer the black to the olive.
  10. Olive! :smile:
  11. I like it and its also different. :yes:
  12. Cosmo, did you buy it?
  13. It's okay, I wouldnt buy it though
  14. No, I did not buy it because I have a Prada bag from several years ago in almost the exact same shade of olive green. (Although I have considered getting rid of that Prada in order to justify buying this Ferragamo! :p)