What do you think of this EBAY job?

  1. I came across this job offering on Craigslist.

    From the description, to me, it sounds good, but then a little iffy.

    What do you think?

    There has to be a catch.
    What if his items are fake or something?

    This position is available - EBAY selling (Entry Level Job)
  2. I guess it would depend on the item. Sounds interesting if the items are legit. Are you going to go for it?
  3. lol I wouldn't touch it with a stick! What if the items he is giving you to sell are stolen??
  4. lol, or fake perhaps.

    we'll see. i emailed him to ask for more info and see what else is there to it.
  5. sounds sketchy! why wouldn't he sell them himself?
  6. My thoughts exactly!!!!:huh:
  7. sketchy .. stay away hun!
  8. run for the hills
  9. this dude sent me an email with a eBay link to a active auction, of a 20,000 rolex watch n left a small note at the end telling me i must post the exact thing right away.

    hahaha i thought . i briefly replied and said no thanks.

    sorry ladies, no link anymore. i deleted it arleady!!!!
  10. He wanted you to create a fake auction? He should be reported to the police!
  11. I don't get it.. why would he ask u to post the exact same item on eBay while his eBay auction is still running? Given benefit of the doubt that he will give you the item to be sold later...